10 Online Tools To Monitor Your Social Reputation

The reputation of your business is one thing you should never jeopardise. It only takes a few bad comments or posts to ruin your online reputation, but do you know how your business is perceived? Is your brand being talked about on social media and blogs? And are you paying attention to what they are saying? If not, you need to. Here's a list of tools designed to help you manage your brand reputation – whatever your business and budget.

Google Alerts

Tried and tested, Google Alerts helps businesses keep track of new mentions on the web. Make sure you select the appropriate channel and use specific search terms to avoid finding your inbox overflowing with too many alerts. Just make sure you use Google Alerts alongside other social monitoring tools.

Tweet Alarm

"Think Google Alerts for Twitter". With around 5,700 tweets shared every second you want to know about the ones mentioning your brand, products or anything else of interest. Alerts are sent to your inbox.

Social Mention

Gathering a huge amount of data from across the web about where and how your brand is mentioned, this tool is ideal for larger companies. Results are ranked as being positive, negative or neutral.


Now owned by Twitter, Backtype allows you to monitor conversations from blogs as well as other social media channels. It will also alert you when specific search terms are mentioned.


The unique selling point of Topsy is that it has indexed every single tweet posted. Ever. You can scan the whole web and monitor back to 2006, if you so wish.

If This Then That (IFTTT)

This tool allows you to "put the internet to work for you". Basically, tell it what task you want doing and it will do it for you. IFTTT lets you create "recipes" (combinations of triggers and actions). These recipes can be created to monitor keywords on specific platforms.


This search engine is dedicated to searching for people and services online. It allows you to discover the key terms associated with you and your brand.


Taking its lead from Google Autocomplete, Übersuggest shows you variations of Autocomplete results on your brand. A Google Autocomplete drop-down is often the first impression you make on many users, so make sure you know what that drop-down is saying.


This social media monitoring tool sends instant notifications when your brand is mentioned. It also has built-in analytics meaning you can track and analyse trends. You can opt for a free package or choose from ones you pay for.

Brands Eye

Boasting an impressive set of features, Brands Eye allows you to see where conversations about your brand are starting and take advantage of marketing opportunities you would otherwise miss. It is one of the more expensive applications available and the more you pay the more frequent your updates.