At the end of 2013, Facebook reported 1.23 billion active users globally, and an impressive 757 million of those users log onto Facebook on a daily basis. That's a lot of traffic, however you look at it. So why any businesses wouldn't have a presence on the social media giant makes no sense. What other media channel allows your business to reach so many people and create direct and targeted communication? If you're still not convinced, read on and you will soon change your mind.

It's simple

Facebook is designed to be easy to use. Setting up a page for your business is relatively straight-forward and there is plenty of online guidance if you need it. But be aware, setting up is the easy part; developing and maintaining your businesses' Facebook presence is what takes the real time and effort.

Keep up with your competition

If you are thinking of creating a Facebook business page, chances are your competitors are doing the same – or have done so already. Don't get left behind.

Increase customers

What business doesn't want more customers? Tap in to Facebook's users – you can be sure that some (or many) of them are existing or potential customers. Facebook helps you connect with them.

Engage with customers

Facebook allows you to communicate directly with your customers, which in turn leads to trust and brand loyalty. Interact with your customers, listen to what they have to say and you will see the impact on your revenue.

Customer feedback

Facebook is a fantastic tool for receiving real-time feedback from your business' customers. Advertise limited-period offers via Facebook and get an instant response from your customers. Find out what they really think about your products or services – immediately.

Promote your business

You can offer customers a range of incentives through Facebook. Start simply with a small discount or promotional gift for liking your business page. This will build on numbers in your network and encourage people to promote your brand.

Search engine ranking

An active Facebook page not only means customers can find your business online easily, it also means search engines can find (and index) your business as well. And the higher you rank on Google, the more potential customers will find you.

Think strategically

To build your company's social media presence you cannot just rely on Facebook. Create a blog, start an active Twitter account and use LinkedIn, too. Used well and in conjunction with one another they will form your social media strategy and meet your overall business objectives.