Why You Should Integrate Reviews Into Your Travel Website

The magic ingredient for any website is content - unique, quality content. But even better than that is unique, quality content that engages the audience and gives customers the best possible user experience. Including customer reviews on your travel website is one way of achieving this. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Increasing traffic

Including reviews adds fresh unique content to a site - something that search engines love. More recently, search engines are also using reviews and social integration to rank web pages. They are looking at the number of reviews, the sentiment of the reviews and the rating (or score) given by the reviewer. The better you do in the eyes of the search engines, the better your site will rank. Take all this into account and you can see why reviews are not just a 'nice to have', but a 'need to have' when it comes to driving traffic to your travel site.

Keeping visitors' attention

Today's online consumers are a savvy bunch. They are well informed and know what they want from their travel experience. They also want to know what previous visitors and customers have to say about the products and services you are offering. Customers turn to online resources when planning their holidays with around 70% looking at travel review websites when researching a trip. When they visit your website, save them the extra clicks by providing reviews on your site so they don't have to look elsewhere.

Take the good with the bad

When it comes to reviews, what sounds like a negative comment from one customer may not seem that way to another. For example, "not child friendly" would be seen as an advantage for a couple looking for a romantic break. The most important thing is how relevant the reviews are to potential customers as the more relevant, the more they will influence the booking process. And just remember, 95% of people said they would still buy a product after reading a bad review.

Build trust

According to research, customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than the descriptions written by the companies themselves. Developing an online reputation that is positive is especially useful for smaller, independent travel companies who cannot rely on big brand recognition. Build confidence in your customers by showing it has been approved by previous customers. The more reviews, the more credible you become. And with credibility, comes trust.

You may be integrating reviews from Tripadvisor on your site already, but why not supplement them with your own? Our travel review module can be added to any of your webpages. It works by sending a message to your customers when they return from their trip and then displays their review on your site for other customers to read.