Why You Need A Content Marketing Strategy

There are few who would argue that content marketing isn't the way forward for businesses. If you want to drive traffic, engage with customers and differentiate your business from the competition, then content is key, but merely creating and distributing content is not enough - you need to be strategic. Here are some reasons why you need a strategy to back up your good work:

Make your content work hard

The most important reason to have a content marketing strategy is to ensure that the content being created produces the best results. Content is being published across your company in the form of technical support, customer support, sales support, user guides and more. A strategy will help this documentation make a positive impact.

Create a consistent and compelling message

A content marketing strategy will ensure that everything that is published is consistent in its tone of voice and message. This is regardless of whether that content came from the IT, HR, sales or finance departments. By creating a consistent and engaging story that crosses the entire business will help your customers understand who you are and where you are going as a business.

Make Google your friend

Good content marketing will lead to great SEO results. As search engines become smarter at delivering relevant information to users, your content marketing and SEO strategies need to work in harmony. Google favours content it deems the most useful, so make sure your content excels at this.

Create organisational awareness

The call for more transparency in businesses is becoming stronger, and this is where your content marketing strategy can help. If you are able to develop awareness within the company of what each piece of content says about the organisation, then you can begin to shape the message and plan for potential issues.

Showcase thought leadership

One of the keys to success for any marketing department is knowing where specific insight and expertise lies within a company. If you have a strategy in place that identifies these pockets of information you can then provide a steady stream of relevant and informative content.

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