In the increasingly competitive travel market it is vital that you make the most of all marketing opportunities that are open to you. This means incorporating both digital and traditional tools; a successful marketing campaign is all about identifying how to use every tool available to you – and use them well.

It is always going to be beneficial to your travel business to integrate social media into your marketing strategy. Social is everywhere and it is a great way to target customers and engage with them. Equally, using promotions within a marketing campaign is nothing new, but incorporating promotional codes into your social marketing could give your business the edge it needs to stand out from the competition. It also means you can truly harness the power of social media – something you may not currently be doing. Here are a few ways this winning combo can benefit your business:

Build your fanbase

Social marketing is nothing without a following. You can give your social media numbers a quick boost by offering visitors to your website a promotional code and encouraging them take action. Examples include offering customers a 10% discount code if they follow your business on Twitter or like your Facebook fan page. It is a classic win-win situation, happy customers equal happy businesses.

Track and measure ROI

Promotional codes are an excellent way of tracking and measuring your advertising ROI. By using a different code for each social media channel you can determine exactly how many sales each of your campaigns generated. Even if you are only active on one social media channel it is still important to do this – it will give you insights that can feed into future campaigns or help you expand you social media activity.

Direct or third-party app?

You can choose to reward fans and followers directly through Facebook or Twitter or by using a third-party app such as the one offered by Digital Trip. Our voucher code app takes all the hard work out of your hands to make sure your campaign is a success. And with the app it is as easy to switch off the offer code as it is to set it up.

Things to remember

Keep the voucher code name simple and easy to remember; create a sense of urgency so customers take immediate action; and use social mobile as part of your digital strategy if possible.

At Digital Trip we can offer your travel business a number of modules to help you gain a competitive advantage. Our social marketing module allows you to build your social media strategy – whatever stage it is at. Focus on one social media channel or seven – it is up to you. Equally, our promotional/voucher code module allows your customers to enter a code at the payment stage of their purchase giving them a discount. We can help you to integrate these two modules so you can engage with and incentivise your customers. We can also work with you to create the best solution for your business and make sure you see the benefits as soon as possible.