How To Write The Perfect Upselling Email

There's one industry that has certainly mastered the art of upselling. When you walk into a fast food chain you might not be planning on eating chips with your burger, but when asked the question it strikes you as a good suggestion. And there you have it, an instant upsell. So if you want to upsell, is it as simple as just asking the question?

A great way to ask a customer if you can offer them an upgrade, advice about travelling or remind them to renew their passport is by email. Once a customer has made their booking it is great to touch base and hopefully convince them that you just want to be helpful. Here are the basics of writing the perfect upselling email.

Make it personal

Reassure your customers that they are more than just a source of profit for your company. Starting your email with a personalised greeting will help them see that they are recognised and appreciated. It will also reinforce the fact that you are providing information specifically with them in mind.

Show their most recent purchase

Show them their purchase and remind them how great it is – and how clever they were to buy it in the first place. You then need to show how your new recommendation relates to the item mentioned. By doing this you demonstrate that this isn't a random recommendation, but one that is personalised to their requirements and based on your knowledge and expertise.

Killer subject line

The subject line of your email is so important. First impressions count and it can say a lot about you and your business. Your subject line needs to:

● Be intriguing enough to make your customer want to open the email

● Match the content to build trust and credibility

● Be informative and concise

Clear call-to-action (CTA)

There is very little (or no) point sending an email that is confusing to the recipient. To this end you need to make it your priority to supply them with interesting, relevant and entertaining content. You also want your message to achieve something – aka win you more sales. Take the time to blend your CTA into the body of the email and make it clear what the recipient needs to do.

Contact information

Always include your contact details in every email you send. This allows customers to ask questions and get in touch if they need to. And if possible, try to include a phone number – often all customers want to do is to talk with someone.


You don't want to lose customers, but equally you don't want to pester them. It's sad to say goodbye, but if that's what they want to do you should give them the opportunity. And you never know, they may miss you and return one day.

At Digital Trip we offer you the chance to stay in touch with your customers before and after they travel. Our trigger email system allows you to upsell, welcome them home, gain feedback or offer a discount to re-book. How you use it is up to you.