Social Media Changes The Way Travellers Plan Their Trips

With the meteoric rise of social media, the marketing world has changed completely. This also applies to people's behaviour when it comes to travel planning, according to a recent article on Business 2 Community.

Some 40% of travellers use social media for inspiration for their next trip and 42% actively use it it in the planning process, Trip Advisor has found. What's more, a staggering 76% use social networks to share their experiences with others and 91% of those who take social media into account use social networks to share their photos.

Many brands are now turning their attention to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to advertise their services, allowing them to be found by people who are planning a trip. The various social networks also provide valuable information, including recommendations of where to stay and places to visit, posted by people who have already taken the trip others are still planning.

LinkedIn suggests that social media integration for marketing purposes has been one of the best practices in the travel sector. Today, more and more travel brands are engaging with their customers via social media marketing initiatives. What's even more interesting is that governments also advertise their travel locations via this channel. As a consequence, people are almost constantly pushed to use social networks when planning their trip.

Travel brands that take social networks seriously are creating different or complementary marketing campaigns for these channels. Many travel companies set up Facebook pages, where they offer their audience more information about their services and offers. Social networks also are great for displaying images and videos of destinations. When done well, this can prove very appealing.

Marketing has evolved throughout the history of the travel industry, and these days every travel brand should join at least one social media website. Social media platforms not only give travel brands the ideal place to advertise their services, they also provide a way of connecting with existing and prospective customers on a one-to-one basis. There are travel discussions going on all the time and they will help you reach your targeted audience, answer their questions and help them find the perfect destination for their next trip.

Social networks have become an essential part of everyday life for consumers and businesses. This valuable channel should not be ignored as it can help travel brands take a huge step forward.