The Future Of Travel: How We'll Be Travelling In 2024

We have a decade of innovation in the travel industry ahead of us. There is a wave of next-generation technology and AI (artificial intelligence) that is coming our way and looks set to revolutionise the travel experience. In ten years' time, the way we plan, book and enjoy our holidays will be completely transformed. A report by UK-based Skyscanner has made key predictions for travel in 2024. We take a look at some of these to imagine what the future of travel means for us.

Semantic search

Travel companies want to understand what their individual customers want and customise results to suit them. This is where semantic search comes in. By taking advantage of technology that uses facial coding algorithms, travel companies could achieve this. Put simply, this means that travel search engines would be able to read and react to our facial reactions and adjust results accordingly.

Big data

Personalisation is already an important part of the travel industry and it is only going to grow with the help of big data. Travel businesses will be able to create individual profiles based on customers' previous preferences and adjust search results to match. However, critics of big data claim it has the potential to create serious confusion through information overload.

Virtual travel

Rather than replacing actual travel experiences, virtual reality will be able to give a remarkable 3D taster of the delights a destination holds. By checking out a range of holiday scenarios and destinations, tomorrow's traveller will be making an informed choice when it comes to booking the real thing.

Digital travel buddy

Essentially an artificial intelligence device, our digital buddies will be able to give us a more personalised travel experience. They will act as tour guides of sorts, taking us to sights that we want to see and only giving us information that is of interest to us. With a voice and face of our choice, these buddies will learn to identify our personal preferences and book travel itineraries to suit us.


There is no question that Google Glass will evolve. Over the next five years, it is hoped that the technology will become so small that it can be inserted into a contact lens. This will be able give us the convenience of instant language translations whilst on holiday.