Why Your Customers Want Good Travel Content

We all know that search engines love quality content – and rewards the websites that offer it. But what does great travel content mean to your customers? Traditional marketing techniques can create a certain amount of clutter, which is why it is so important to provide unique, interesting and relevant travel content that will be of value to your customers. In doing so, you position yourself as the expert and better engage your customers.

Consumers are bombarded with content these days. To make an impact, any content – whether in the travel industry or other industries – has to evoke some kind of emotion. In the travel industry, that emotion should be inspiration – to travel, to explore, to book a getaway, or to blow the budget. Buying travel is an emotional experience and your business needs to be on hand to help your customer on their journey.

By providing great, quality content, you are also providing a great level of customer service too. Traditionally, travel content for a hotel, for example, would convey information about the accommodation, as well as some detail about the unique service offered. But that is no longer enough for today's travellers. That content needs to convey much, much more. It needs to cover what guests can do during their stay, where they can eat and local attractions that may interest them. By providing content that genuinely helps people you are not just being helpful, you are creating a great customer experience and an enhanced package before they have even booked.

As every travel marketer is well aware the Internet is awash with fake reviews, paid-for additions and out-of-date content. If you provide content that is authentic, transparent and tells a story about your brand, your customers will recognise this fact and want to find out more.

Nobody understands your customers better than your customers themselves. Use your content to spark a meaningful conversation with your customer rather than simply speaking at them. Don't be afraid to ask questions – but ask them the right ones. Broad, open-ended questions such as, what do you like most about our service and what don't you like about our service?, will engage your customers and provide you with great source material. It also allows customers speak honestly and openly, meaning you can adjust your service accordingly.

Finally, you need to know your content is working. By analysing metrics and setting relevant goals you are able to tailor your travel content accordingly. This gives you the knowledge that your content is useful and is improving the service you offer your customers. And the customer experience is all the better for it.

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