Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing there is no 'one size fits all' magic formula. Yes, there are tried and tested marketing techniques that look like a sure bet, but using generic strategies can only take your travel business so far. What the smart travel business owner knows is that with the right combination of strategy and tactics you can make a real impact.

Here are seven marketing tips that will help you attract more customers to your travel business.

Promote the experience

Instead of just focusing on the features of your business - location, facilities and luxury, for example - try and sell the whole experience instead. Think about why customers travel and try and tap into these emotions and motivations. Focus on the unique experience you can offer them.

Cheapest isn't always best

Price is just one aspect customers consider when making their travel plans. Being the cheapest might get you customers, but will it make you a profit? Instead of competing on price, focus on value. Offering your customer the best value will take you further in the long run.

Get social

Social media is a great tool in the travel industry - so use it. You can connect with your customers directly, offer exclusive deals, recommend destinations, provide useful information and be part of the conversation. And remember to listen to what they are saying as well.

Work with aggregators

Travel aggregators such as SkyScanner, SideStep and Kayak mean business - and plenty of customers use them to book their getaways. They do charge a fee, but they also tend to dominate search results, so that fee may be a price worth paying.

Find your niche

If you are a city centre hotel, work out what makes you stand out from all the other hotels in that city. Your niche could be that you are a boutique hotel, for example. And once you have found your niche, your next task is to dominate it - and that's all about the right branding.

Make (good) use of email

With a well-timed, personalised email, you can put your business at the forefront of a previous customer's mind. Keep them engaged throughout the year with discounts and offers too.

Write a blog

Blogging helps you stay in touch with customers, provides them with relevant information and is great for SEO. Give customers information that is useful and interesting to them and you can start to build a real relationship. Your blog can also be tied in with your social media activity, giving you something to talk about and share.