The UK's national tourist board, VisitBritain, is hailing its marketing campaign on Tumblr and Yahoo a resounding success so far, reports Travolution.

The Discover Great Britain campaign generated earned media equivalent to 40% of the overall campaign budget, and within a three-week period gathered 15 million impressions and over 200,000 organic interactions, Yahoo confirmed.

The content marketing campaign used Tumblr to bring to life a variety of activities on offer to travellers across Britain using animated GIFs, images and original content. The content was then distributed through Tumblr sponsored posts and native ads within Yahoo's streams and digital magazines.

The aim of the campaign was to encourage tourists to visit the UK by keeping them engaged, and it targeted travellers across the globe with particular emphasis on the US, Brazil, India, France, Germany and Gulf states. The campaign is part of VisitBritain's digital "always-on" approach.

Joss Croft, the organisation's marketing director, commented: "We strive to be the best national tourist board working across all digital platforms. In order to achieve this, we must work with the best partners, to get great content to the key prospects in the places where they are naturally active, to inspire and engage our global audience."

She added: "We're delighted to continue our successful partnership with Yahoo and we're already seeing the phenomenal benefits of having a presence on a platform like Tumblr. We're thrilled with the initial results."

Last month the Department for Culture, Media and Sport revealed new analysis from VisitBritain which showed that international tourists are travelling across the country more than ever before, and spending levels hit new highs in the majority of nations and regions during the first nine months of 2014.

Spending by overseas tourists reached a new record in Wales of £303 million. In Scotland spending totalled £1.5 billion and in London it was £8.9 billion during the period. Tourists also spent £693 million in the East of England, £849 million in the North West and £1.7 billion in the South East.

At the time of the announcement VisitBritain's director of strategy and communications Patricia Yates confirmed that the organisation is investing another £3 million in its Countryside is GREAT campaign to highlight areas of beauty such as Cornwall, the Lake District, Pembrokeshire and the Scottish Highlands.

One of the advantages of using Tumblr for its Discover Great Britain campaign is the fact that content through the platform usually has a longer shelf life, says Skift - unlike posts and tweets through the likes of Facebook and Twitter, which only exist in people's news feeds or timelines for a very short amount of time.

What's more, user engagement tends to elongate the effectiveness of the content. Philip Taylor, VisitBritain's head of marketing, told Skift: "On Tumblr, content resurfaces, unlike Facebook or Twitter where the content tends to get buried."

VisitBritain continues to work on getting Tumblr visitors over to The tourism board is currently working on the middle step of the journey - pushing customers along the funnel after they visit the website.

Tumblr is just one part of VisitBritain's marketing strategy alongside other social media platforms. "Each platform has its own strengths," says Taylor, comparing Tumblr and Instagram. Having access to Tumblr's analytics is also useful, he added.