The Importance Of Personalised Content For Online Travel Businesses

There's no doubt that the online travel industry is a competitive one. It's a fast moving sector, and the winning businesses will be the ones that are able to offer their target consumers exactly what they want.

Online consumers have come to expect many things from their engagement with brands. As we discussed in a previous blog post, one of these things is high-quality content. Without well-written, informative content on their websites, travel businesses risk losing potential - and existing - customers.

A recent article on travel news website Eye for Travel discusses how content should be the main focus for businesses hoping to succeed in the online world. However, as the article states, offering customers relevant, targeted information is also becoming increasingly important. Not only do customers expect quality content, they expect it to be personalised. The article shares some useful insights about content for travel businesses, including:

Quality over quantity

The modern-day consumer is bombarded with information on a day-to-day basis, regularly having to sift through irrelevant content to find what they're looking for. "Going forward, the brands that deliver content which helps customers make the right decision, as efficiently as possible, will be the winners," the article states. Instead of an information overload, brands must focus on delivering clear, concise information that's targeted to their customers' needs.

You need to really know your customers

Understanding who your customers really are is easier said than done. Businesses are operating in an increasingly fragmented world and user behaviour is constantly evolving. This has made it vital for brands to utilise tools and technologies in order to stay one step ahead; they must gather as much consumer data as possible and use it to its best effect. As the article states: "Only the brands that effectively use the increasing amounts of data available on travellers to deliver highly personal and relevant, yet subtle experiences, will survive."

Consistency is vital

Brands need to be where their customers are - and that's everywhere. A multi-channel presence has become essential, and content needs to be of a consistently high-quality across all of those channels. "Brands need to reflect all possible types of content and be relevant on every channel and in all places that users may be looking for it," the article notes.

Google recognises relevant content

Engaging, personalised content is not just for the benefit of your customers. Ultimately, you will also benefit from creating this type of content, particularly as Google is now starting to focus its practices on 'user intent'. Its approach to search is becoming less mathematically driven and more focused on semantics, meaning that Google will reward brands that have relevant, targeted content on their website.