8 must-have features for mobile travel sites

Travellers these days rely heavily on their smartphones throughout the entire travel process – from researching and booking all the way through to the final day of their trip. As travellers continue to integrate mobile into every step of their journey, travel businesses need to establish a firm presence on mobile, providing a tailored and personalised experience that eliminates stress and leaves the customer feeling happy and satisfied.


This is a good example of a mobile functionality customers expect to be offered. A travel company offering a contact number should always ensure it is 'tappable' to call.

Sharing made easy

Social media is a huge part of people's lives, so it is very likely that a user will want to bring a holiday or hotel, for example, to a friend's attention by easily sending them the link. Your site should have an obvious 'share' button.

Customer reviews

Travellers use their smartphones to do their homework, so should be able to quickly check reviews while on the move.

Favourites list

This is a very helpful tool to users who are yet to book, allowing them to remember the destinations that caught their eye earlier in their search. Secret Escapes, for example, has a link at the top of each break's page, allowing 'favourites' to be easily accessed from the menu.


Calendars should be simple, intuitive and – perhaps most importantly – contain easy-to-view arrival and departure dates.

Prepopulated forms

Prepopulated forms will significantly minimise the amount of work the customer has to do as information will already be prepopulated in the homepage filters. For example, the date will already be set for today.


Similarly, autofill – which uses log-in details to automatically fill in the booking form – saves the user lots of time and fiddly form-filling. It has been standard on desktop for many years, but people now expect it on mobile, too.

Multiple and speedy payment methods

If you want users to trust your checkout, provide several payment options and allow them to opt for their preferred one. After all, security is a major consideration for many travellers, especially the older generation. Google's Think Insights revealed that nearly half (46%) of users don't trust credit card security on a mobile device. The option of PayPal is always welcome; it is a method users are familiar with and it can save some extra form filling in.

Tnooz believes there are four core principles when it comes to mobile: efficiency, discovery, flexibility and social sharing. Does your online travel website tick all these boxes on mobile?