Why your online travel company needs a blog

Company blogs have been around for some time now. They began making an appearance way back in the 1990s which, in web terms, means they are virtually prehistoric. However, that's not to say they are a thing of the past; far from it – they are one of the most valuable components of a marketer's toolkit, so it's never been more important for travel brands to update their blog on a regular basis.

Travellers are looking for relevant, helpful, up-to-date, engaging information, and an active blog on your travel site is one of the best ways to connect with your customer. Here are some more reasons why your travel business should get typing, pronto...

Boost your credibility

As a travel brand, chances are you know a fair bit about different countries and have some interesting tales to tell. Tap into these first-hand insights and share your wisdom with visitors to your site; when it comes straight from the horse's mouth, it makes your brand seem much more credible, and will enhance your reputation as an authority on all things travel.

Engage with your existing audience

The majority of your website is a one-way conversation: you are giving your audience information. A blog, however, is a way of starting a discussion. By asking questions on a topic that may engage your visitors, they can respond – either on social media or in the 'comments' section of your blog. While platforms like Twitter are also great for instigating conversations, with a blog you are not limited to 160 characters.

Give your brand a human touch

Travel businesses can often be viewed as corporate, but blogging is a way of humanising the brand, giving your company a personality. When you come across as more relatable, you will appeal to customers on a personal level.

Attract new customers

Inspirational content will undoubtedly be shared. Rather than writing 'salesy' content, create blog posts that will actually add value to customers, and potential customers.

Increase traffic to your site

Not only will your readers love your content, so will Google. Frequently updated content will ensure your site is not static and is continually being refreshed with new copy. Saying this, don't just produce blog content for the sake of it – it needs to be completely unique (not copied and pasted from another site), well written and engaging.

So, there you have it: a few reasons why blogging in 2015 still matters. When was the last time you updated your blog?