We are excited to announce the launch of 3 new innovative technology products which we are showcasing this week at World Travel Market.

These advanced products are available now to add to your existing travel website - for more information feel free to click on the links provided which will direct you to our website.

1. Inspiration Generator

With research showing that the majority of customers looking to book a holiday are undecided on where they would like to go, we like to give them that nudge they need to find their dream destination. This is where Inspiration Generator comes in - allowing customers to select their preferred travel features and based on this, giving inspiring travel ideas.

Results are displayed to the customer in order of suitability, and these results allow travellers to directly access detailed destination information to help them decide. When the customer is ready to book, the Inspiration Generator streamlines the search process by automatically pre-populating a search box with their requirements.

The Inspiration Generator provides other features to make the experience as easy and inspiring as possible for the customer, including a 6-day weather forecast and monthly temperature and rainfall averages, a visual map-view option, and live offer pricing on search results.

(Find out more about Inspiration Generator)

2. Virtual Travel Assistant

The Virtual Travel Assistant is a smart new chat tool for your website which provides customers with instant intelligent responses to their travel questions, and offers this in an interactive and engaging way.

The tool is versatile with the ability to answer a variety of travel-related questions through automatic detection of key words; from weather and currency information to providing holiday inspiration and giving direct links to search results. It even uses the customer’s location to find their closest airports when performing searches.

Virtual Travel Assistant is also fully customisable, meaning it can be tailored to match the branding of your website. There is even the option to set the name of the Virtual Travel Assistant, giving your customers a more personal experience.

(Find out more about Virtual Travel Assistant)

3. Agent Desktop

Research shows us that despite a growth in online booking, the most popular ways of booking for the majority of travellers are the traditional methods of visiting the travel agency, or booking over the phone.

This is why we have created a software solution designed for travel agents which streamlines the booking process, ultimately saving time and improving service. The product works as a 'one-stop-shop' allowing the agent to compare prices and availability for flights, hotels, cars and other products via a single search screen.

This means there is no longer a need to use multiple websites and booking systems, as Agent Desktop is fully connected to hundreds of travel suppliers including web-based airlines, accommodation, car rental and transfer providers.

(Find out more about Agent Desktop)

These innovative new travel technology solutions we have on offer provide advantageous ease of use for both agents and customers, improving your travel website. Because the products are built on our modular technology, each of these innovative systems are easy to add to your existing package. Feel free to contact us to find out more about these exciting new products, and to see how they can improve your business.