Christian Oshodin, director of That Travel Company, shares his experience with Digital Trip. This is one example of what our clients are saying about our products and the quality of service we offer.

" When first approaching Digital Trip I was a bit nervous about the level of service I would receive, as they are such a big name in the Travel Industry and I was just the Director of a new start up. After speaking to the Managing Director Andy Speight, I felt reassured that I was joining the right company. I was spoken to as if I was the owner of a major brand in the industry. He listened to my requirements and gave me advice I needed to achieve what I wanted from my website.
Throughout the duration of my project I have been able to communicate with my Account Manager, whom was able to provide me with a great insight into the technology involved in my website including help exploring the new modules and any other information I needed.
I also feel my Account Manager went above and beyond what she had to do to help me every step of the way. I would also say that my Project Manager was always on hand to help and gave me updates as my project went along. The company does what they set out to do; the support structure is second to none.
As for the technology my website possesses, this is something you can only dream about. I’m lucky I am not dreaming and Digital Trip has built such a website for me. At Digital Trip they don’t just build your website, they help you understand the site and its functions, they let your dreams come true bringing a large part of your business to life."