It is proven that the more time a website takes to load, the lower the conversion rate will be – making page loading time key to customer engagement.

With the amount of competition in the travel industry, it is crucial to have a high performing website to engage with those consumers browsing for holiday inspiration. With so many options for users to go elsewhere for instant results, they aren’t likely to hang around waiting for your site to load.

CloudFlare has recently introduced HTTP/2 support, which is proven to drastically speed up the load time of your website by up to 97%, meaning information will be presented to users almost instantly. HTTP/2 is supported by current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari, and multiple requests can be passed through a single server connection. You can view a demo of CloudFlare here.

An additional benefit from the speediness of your website with HTTP/2 is that Google ranks websites depending on load times, so with your quicker website you can get ahead of your competition by increasing your Google visibility.

We are pleased to inform that Digital Trip are partnered with CloudFlare, and can offer you a website which loads up to 97% faster with our own technology. For our existing customers, we will be upgrading your current website to HTTP/2 free of charge, instantly giving you a faster, and higher performing travel website.

If you’re not already partnered with Digital Trip and would like to significantly increase the speed of your current website, contact us today and discover how our our award-winning technology and CloudFlare can enhance your website’s performance.