Travel sector seizes mobile for 2016

Next year, moment marketing is tipped to be the next big thing – and travel and tourism brands are taking the lead on this one, says Tnooz.

According to marketing specialist TVTY, which carried out a study into the emerging discipline, moment marketing "instantly connects online advertising to what's going on in the offline world".

The firm explains: "It's about connecting with people at the key moments when they reach for their smartphone or laptop to check the web or interact on social media."

Its analysis of moment marketing spend and strategies in the UK found that the travel industry has become a 'beacon' for other sectors to follow.

According to the study, travel came in ahead of the likes of motoring, general retail and entertainment in adoption rate, spending, reaction times, and planning and scalability of moment marketing.

The potential of moment marketing has been strengthened by social media and the innovation of other technological channels – making it all the more effective, as well as more efficient.

Also boosting the discipline is the fact that many consumers are believed to check their smartphones as many as 200 times, or more, per day.

For travel brands, it's an opportunity to promote products by pushing content that's focused on weather, for example – or sports events, such as a major football match close to the Mediterranean resorts in Europe.

Some brands have taken it a step further: using their competitors' TV advertising to react by offering a contrasting point of view or even a price differentiation moments after an ad has been screened.

Facebook, the most popular platform for running moment marketing campaigns – used by 73% of marketers to target consumers with quick messages – recently released a guide on the subject.

It said three things are most important for building "extraordinary brands using these ordinary moments": be personal, be precise, be persistent.

Twitter is also a poplar platform for moment marketers (65%), while Instagram (44%), online video (43%), search (40%) and online display (34%) also provide ample opportunities to exploit the discipline.

The current trigger for moment marketing campaigns is television, TVTY CEO Pierre Marechal explained. More than half of the marketers surveyed (52%) align moment marketing campaigns to popular TV shows, while 38% plan to sync campaigns to their own TV advertising, he said.

Another 48% capitalise on sports events, and 40% make use of financial events such as fluctuations in the stock market.

Weather – particularly pertinent to travel brands, since consumers often rush to book trips away when the forecast is unfavourable – is also "a very important trigger for 33% of respondents," he added.

"It's not surprising to see why: weather is recognised as the single biggest factor (after money) affecting consumer behaviour and can directly influence purchase."

Now that travel brands are seizing the moment to adopt this highly effective type of marketing campaign, the next challenge is speeding up their reaction times. Just one in ten marketers are achieving responses of one to five minutes. Most are taking anything between six and 60 minutes to react, the report said.