6 top travel destinations for 2016

The world is vast and varied, but thanks to advancements in travel options and connectivity across the globe travellers can visit anywhere – even the most remote regions have been photographed, explored and shared with the world thanks to drones and a few determined individuals.

These advancements have made the 'Where to go in 2016' list that much more diverse. Travel companies are able to offer so much more choice to those with itchy feet, and at much better prices than previous years.

And so, with 2016 kicking off, we've drawn together the top travel destinations for the coming 12 months:


There's nowhere else in the world quite like Japan. As a country it has everything a traveller could want – the perfect mix of ancient meets modern.

From tranquil suburbs to the vibrant, futuristic cities, Japan is due to come into its own in 2016 as Tokyo in particular ramps up development ahead of hosting the 2020 Olympics.


A little further south than Japan but still incorporating some of the allure of the mysterious east, Vietnam is another hot destination for 2016.

The country is steeped in history and also boasts some of the world's most glorious unspoiled landscapes. Plus, those interested in food can enjoy all the treats of one of the world's finest and most purse-friendly cuisines, too.


Away from America and across to Europe, Latvia – a little known country in the far east, near Russia – is due to celebrate 25-years free from communist rule in 2016.

The country is heavily investing in fixing-up ancient castles and manor houses, and is one of the most improved cities in the world thanks to this work.


Similarly to the USA, 2016 is due to be a big year for Australia in terms of its nature reserves, of which there are many.

The Great Barrier Reef is under threat so travellers looking to experience this natural wonder need to move fast; but on a more positive note Aboriginal tours are beginning to thrive, offering visitors a unique experience of this under-represented community.


Slight change of culture now, but over in the USA the state of Tennessee – specifically the city of Nashville – has been listed by both Yahoo! Travel and Lonely Planet as somewhere to visit in 2016.

The vibrant music and food scene in the state is gaining notoriety, and Gatlinburg to the east of the state offers access to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

USA National Parks

It's not just the Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee that's due to be a big hitter in 2016 – the National Park Service turns 100 this year making this the perfect time to explore a number of states.

The Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is perhaps the most famous, but travellers looking to explore the great outdoors will be heading to the Yosemite National Park in California as well to celebrate this anniversary.

Travellers are beginning to appreciate that in 2016, the world is their oyster, and travel companies are seeking to expand their offerings to take this into consideration.