Bournemouth has recently become one of the most exciting digital hotspots in the UK.

A Tech Nation report from last year appears to agree, naming Bournemouth as the fastest growing creative hub in the whole of the UK, prompting articles to crop up all over the internet about Bournemouth having "found its mojo" and it "shedding its seaside resort image".

Not only did Tech Nation's report reveal that Bournemouth saw a 212% increase in new digital companies between 2010 and 2013, it showed the UK to be "the most digital nation in the world" above London, according to Baroness Shields, the chair of Tech City UK and digital adviser to the Prime Minister.

Deryck Newland, artistic director of Pavilion Dance South West, also told the newspaper: "Bournemouth is moving up from a place where people came to die – or to build sandcastles – to a place that will be at the cutting edge of creativity in the 21st century."

Conor Burns, the MP for Bournemouth West, said that "we have an enormous opportunity here in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch to bring a large amount of business to this conurbation," he told the Bournemouth Echo. "We have a very simple offering in this part of the world – it's a fantastic place to live and work.”

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