At Digital Trip, it is important to us that our customers market themselves well online after their website has gone live.

We also understand that marketing online can be daunting, especially when it's something you're new to. You have the product or service, you have the website, but you need people to know about it. And this is where all the great social channels and other marketing resources come in - to help you to get your name out there and target your ideal audience.

Over a series of articles, we will be providing you with the most up-to-date information on how to promote your business on the ‘big 3’ social media channels, and how to use other methods, such as email marketing and blogging, to connect with your customers and stand out against your competition.

We will be guiding you through:

  • Tips for you to take full advantage of each platform
  • What content is most relevant
  • How to effectively target your audience

There are some free online marketing methods and some not-so free, but they are all feasible on a small marketing budget, and are all completely worthwhile and effective in promoting your business. Our team at Digital Trip are here to share our expertise, and help you get set up and ready so you can start sharing engaging content with your audience.

Next week, we will begin with why Facebook is essential for your travel business.

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