3 biggest app trends of the moment

It seems that almost everyone has an app out at the moment; from businesses to celebrities, creating an app is the new 'it' thing to do. As a result of this app craze, different types of apps are being developed and new trends are constantly emerging. So, what can consumers and businesses expect to see in the app market during 2016?

A personalised service

New technology is helping to turn apps into personalised and accurate services capable of tailoring an experience for each individual user. A recent study found that app users expected each interaction to be personalised for them, incorporating customised content, individual preferences and locations specific recommendations, to name but a few options.

In the travel industry, business apps that allow users to find hotels located near a specified point of interest, or to select a flight based on cabin class and airline will see the most adoption over the coming 12 months.

Faster, more accessible information

Speed is of the essence for apps in 2016. Users don't only want more personalisation, but they want the results delivered faster, too. This means an app will need to be able to gather as much data and information as possible from numerous sources and display them in a timely manner to the user.

Apps must therefore be accessible on a number of devices and across different platforms. Users will want to be able to access in-app information from smartphones and mobile tablet devices, so investing in a cross-platform app will be key to success.

App user engagement increasing

Thanks to the developments being made in technology and apps becoming more responsive to the users' needs, engagement rates are on the rise. App developers are able to gather relevant details from their users thanks to the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and can channel this information into developing intelligent app engagement strategies.

Certain features being adopted by travel app providers are helping to further engagement rates in this industry. For example Expedia have implemented a 'Book now, pay later' service that is providing extremely popular, and JetBlue allows users to check-in to their flight and access their boarding pass for a seamless experience.

What other trends do you see emerging in the app market this year?

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