It's well documented just how lucrative the millennial demographic can be for businesses. They make up a quarter of the UK population and are flush with cash, if research is to be believed.

However, some say that millennials are tricky to pin down and difficult to market to, which negates their appeal somewhat. We're not so sure that's true, though, with countless studies on millennials providing us with all the information we could ever want.

With a content marketing campaign in mind, these studies are like gold dust. Take this finding from a recent survey, for instance: 84% of millennials do not like traditional advertising. Straight away we know that we're going to have to take a few risks with our campaign, in order to cut through the noise. But that's what marketing is all about, after all.

Here's what else to bear in mind when creating content for millennials:

1. Millennials don't want to feel forced into buying

This might indeed be true for everyone, but millennials are especially averse to the hard sell. Let's face it anyway, the hard-sell approach takes all the enjoyment out of a piece of marketing material – for both sides – as it doesn't require brands to be particularly creative with their content, nor does it make for interesting reading/viewing for your customers.

Authentic, helpful and fun content is the way forward, as far as millennials are concerned. Content of this nature encourages millennials to start to trust your brand, and we all know that trust counts for everything when it comes to digital marketing.

2. Millennials adore their smartphones

Research suggests that over 85% of the millennials demographic own a smartphone. However, we reckon you'd be hard pushed to find too many millennials without a mobile device that has internet functionality.

With that in mind, you've got to ensure your content is mobile-friendly. So, if you're going to push a new piece of content out on social media – the millennial hangout of choice – make sure that's it's not going to overwhelm them when they load it on their portable devices. Even a few hundred words can look unappealing on a 5-inch screen.
girls phone

3. Millennials like to be first

Whether it's the first to share a piece of content amongst their peers, or signing up to the latest social media network, millennials pride themselves on being first to the party. What does this mean for content marketers? You've got to create unique content that is worthy of being shared. So, if all your content strategy consists of is taking ideas from elsewhere it's time to have a re-think.

Also, consider using the newer social media sites, which might have low users numbers in the grand scheme of things, but could have a high proportion of millennials. Snapchat and Periscope are the latest platforms to emerge that are of interest to millennials and brands alike. Reap the benefits of being an early adopter.

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