4 holiday trends for travellers

It's half term this week, and as a result parents around the UK are desperately thinking about booking their own holiday (possibly away from the children), envious of seeing their little ones enjoying some free time.

Even those of us without children can't help but feel a little twang of nostalgia at the idea of a whole week off, carefree and not worrying about anything.

But there's been a lot that's changed in the holiday scene since some of us were at school; so what can we expect from holidays this year? What are some of the top trends for travellers?

Let's consider location; according to information from Kuoni, there are four key holiday hotspots for 2016: Japan, Myanmar, Kenya and Namibia. These are set to be the 'rising stars' of 2016 when it comes to those with itchy feet. It is noted that the Maldives, Thailand and Sri Lanka will still stay as some of the best-selling destinations, but these four new locations are set to record the most impressive year-on-year growth in terms of bookings.

So what kind of holidays are people seeking? It seems that 'foodie' holidays will become very popular this year, with travellers keen to try local cuisine and build a holiday around having a fantastic gastronomic experience. It is noted by Jeff Element, the president of The Travel Corporation in Toronto, that the Baby Boomer generation in particular are keen to create a vacation around high-end food and wine experiences, dining at Michelin starred restaurants around the globe.

And this links quite nicely with the next trend, also concerned with experience: that of a tech-free holiday. Don't gasp too loudly, it's true; holiday goers this year will also be seeking some physical and digital time-out from their hectic and increasingly connected lifestyles. With research suggesting that the growing consumption of digital media is having a negative effect on our health and relationships, it's no wonder travellers this year are actively seeking to turn off their phones and leave their tablets behind, opting instead to truly spend some quality time with their loved ones and indulge in some 'me' time.

Which leads to another big trend: a renewed interest in the spa getaway. Spa weekends have never been more in demand it seems, with resorts across the globe seeking to invest in spa amenities, relaxing areas for guests and beauty salons, pools, saunas – the lot. This is because there is a wellness trend sweeping the holiday scene, with families, couples and lone travellers all hoping to maximise their relaxation when away.

When combined, the increased interest in good food, taking a digital break and focussing on wellness all lead us to the conclusion that 2016 will be a year of relaxation and recharging for holiday goers.

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