Travel guides: What does the future hold?

As more of the world becomes accessible thanks to advancements in travel options and decreasing costs, people will always have a need for travel guides and the invaluable information they contain. What may well be different, however, is the form these guides take.

Figures from Neilsen BookScan have shown that the travel and holiday guide market has been in decline since 2007. It's only February and already 2016 seems to be a year where digital undoubtedly reigns supreme. While once upon a time travellers wouldn't dare embark on an adventure without a trusted guidebook; nowadays, that guidebook has been replaced by an app or website on a smartphone - but the content remains just the same, only updated for an online audience.

Although containing a lot of the same basic information as a physical guide, online travel guides also open up a range of possibilities. Unlike traditional guidebooks, online guides can be updated with new information regularly and easily; are not limited to a single country, city or language; they can incorporate reviews and comments from people who have visited a certain place before; and they have the added benefit of being accessible anytime, anywhere.

Online guides have the capability of engaging a much larger audience thanks to these metrics. If a travel website or tourism business is capable of providing up-to-date information on a destination it is guaranteed to generate more interest than a book that, once published, automatically becomes limited in what it can offer. Online can be accessed across the globe in multiple languages and include the most relevant, time-sensitive details on currency exchange or weather information, for example.

By integrating a website with an online travel guide capable of amalgamating this information, such as ArrivalGuides, any travel company will benefit. Such content-rich resources will appeal to the modern traveller, and there's no limit to the detail that can be included – from the newest hotels and most famous sights, to restaurants and bars, museums, events and more.

If you are interested in saving time writing content and want to improve SEO, whilst guaranteeing an enriched experience for consumers no matter where their destination, why not consider integrating an online travel guide? Contact us to find out how we can integrate your website with ArrivalGuides, to transform your travel website into a hub of destination information.