Steps to content marketing success

Investing in content marketing can help businesses gain more followers and increase online engagement. But, with what seems like every other company across every industry also realising the same thing, the online space is now flooded with content, making it difficult to stand out.

This is as true in the travel industry as anywhere else; blogs, reviews and picture competitions feature on almost every travel, accommodation or holiday experience site. It's therefore incredibly difficult to make an impact in this already saturated environment.

Whether you're new to content marketing or looking to enhance your current strategy, there are a number of basic tips to follow to ensure success. Here are some of our top considerations for creating high-quality, stand-out content:

First step: conceptualise

It's important to have a solid foundation of ideas for content creation to work around, and ideally these ideas will combine to create an overall feel for your company or business. By doing this your content will stand out as being directly linked to you, rather than appearing generic, while also ensuring that you sound like an authority in your area.

Also don't fall into the trap of making all content directly promotional; promotional content can be created for search engine optimisation purposes, but remember to create content for your audience to enjoy pressure-free, too.

Second step: research

This can take a number of different forms. Look to competitors to see what kind of content they are creating and what receives the most engagement; this will act as a good indication as to the type of content you should (or shouldn't) be producing. The more you read around existing content, the more concise your content will become.

Keyword research is also essential for more objective success. Utilising the right keywords will result in more hits and a higher ranking in search engine results pages. Incorporate these keywords into all content, but never force them in unnaturally.

Third step: write well

There's no point in spending time and money in creating a content campaign if no-one on the marketing team is experienced in writing coherently and to a high quality. There is a vast amount of existing content out there that is relevant, engaging and interesting – so unless you're able to produce content that is also all of these things, it's best to wait until you're in a position where you can.

Brush up on the most basic of skills (grammar, punctuation and spelling, for example) before attempting to craft any form of content. You could even look to create your own style guide as well, to maintain consistency across all forms of content.

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