4 ways to get your content seen by travellers

Few sectors are as suited to content marketing as the travel sector. Millions of people hit the Web looking for tips and advice for their trip away, or to seek inspiration for their summer holiday, so if travel brands play it right, their website shouldn't have too much of a problem attracting visitors.

However, the large target audience can be as problematic as it can be a blessing. The segment carries great rewards for travel brands that get their approach right, which means travellers have content fired at them from every angle by firms hoping to capture their attention.

So, if your content marketing campaign is to prove a success, you've got to show an ability to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips on how to create content that won't get lost in the masses:

1. Calm travellers' fears

It's only natural to have a few anxieties before going away. It's crucial that a travel firm is tuned into any issues or concerns that their customers might harbour so that they can set about creating content to calm these fears. The ultimate aim is to provide answers and solutions to travellers' questions time and time again, so that customers start to view your website as a must-visit resource prior to going away.

2. Keep your ear to the ground

If you're going to position your business as one that is prepared to support its customers as much as sell to them, you've got to do the necessary research to ensure that you're up to date with all the latest travel news. For example, at the moment travellers are unsure if it's safe to travel to places like Turkey, following the recent bomb attacks. If travel firms are wise, they'll keep their ear to the ground and be able to answer these questions by adding some accessibility to the Government's guidance.

3. Ensure you're mobile-friendly

If you think about how travellers search for answers to their questions, likelihood is they will turn to their mobile to find a solution. Questions tend to arise in a traveller's head on an ad-hoc basis, rather than all at once. So they might be out and about shopping when something pops into their head which they require an immediate answer to. That's why is so important to ensure your content (and your website) is mobile-friendly, so that visitors aren't left squinting when they land on your page.

4. Get granular with data

Data is your answer to finding out the time spent on the site, scroll rates, traffic sources and so on. You can pretty much find out how exactly visitors are engaging with your content and tweak your approach accordingly, making for much more effective content campaigns. Analysing data can be a daunting proposition, but it'll be well worth the time and effort.

As a travel firm you're in a privileged position when it comes to content marketing. Don't forego that privilege simply because you've misjudged your approach.

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