The travel industry has expanded into a hyper-connected sector that can link anyone with an airline, hotel or travel specialist from anywhere in the world. And as technology continues to evolve, businesses are keen to adopt as much tech as possible – but so are consumers.

Modern businesses – especially those in the travel sector – need to recognise that their customers are as connected as they are and expect their experience with a business to take this into account. Customers are demanding better service from their travel providers in the online space, with Experian revealing that the biggest challenge for businesses within the next 24 months will be meeting their customers' expectations.

One key channel for travel businesses to raise their game is on mobile. Smartphones and mobile devices like tablets have quickly become a travel essential, granting users access to a whole host of services whilst on the go; from social networks to real-time updates regarding flights or other travel arrangements.

mobile train

Mobile devices can therefore be used to really raise customer expectations. With personalised content, the right information feeds and engaging graphics, the humble mobile phone can swiftly become a marketer's best friend. In order to make the most of mobile, however, businesses need to create the right app or website and get accustomed to gathering data from the devices. Data allows businesses to identify their customer, link profiles and automate the whole marketing process - but this is only achievable with a mobile product or strategy.

Two companies seeking to use mobile to engage travellers are the Hamad International Airport (HIA) and Google.

HIA has launched a new app utilising iBeacon technology to provide their customers with wayfinding information and real-time flight updates on their mobiles. The airport has expertly embraced their consumers' love of mobile tech and ensured they remain fully updated at every stage of their journey.

tablet airport

Similarly, search engine giant Google has launched a new mobile travel tool called Destinations. The tool is integrated into Google's already existing search apps for iOS and Android and is designed to offer smartphone users easy access to all flight and hotel deals on the web, as well as destination guides and itineraries, with a single tap.

With such a big-name company as Google taking the initiative to incorporate mobile into their travel offerings, it seems all businesses from the industry need to take note.

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