How to decide if your website requires a redesign

If you were to put your consumer cap on, what impression does a dated-looking website make? Perhaps you might quickly conclude that the company responsible for it is a little out of touch – or worse, doesn't give too much thought to making their customers' lives easier. Either way, it's unlikely that a site that looks like it's lagging behind the times is going to be conducive to a sale.

It can be difficult to decide whether or not your business website is in need of a revamp. It's not just a case of assessing the aesthetics – although that can be a good place to start – there are a number of things to consider:

1. Is your website mobile friendly?

We scoffed when people suggested ten years ago that there would come a time when the mobile phone would become the go-to device for browsing the internet. Then, last year, Ofcom revealed that smartphones had overtaken laptops as UK internet users' number one device. That followed Google announcing that it wasn't going to display non-mobile friendly websites in mobile search results. Quite frankly, then, if when you load your website on a mobile phone it causes you to wince, it's time to swing into action – if you want to retain existing customers and attract new ones, that is.

2. Is your website quick to load?

Nearly half of internet users expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, according to Kissmetrics. That's pretty quick, but those expectations have been built on experience, so it is possible to achieve a lightning-fast website. Here's another eye-watering stat from the same study: 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Plus, it's worth noting that Google considers website speed in their search ranking algorithms, and we all know what a low Google ranking can mean.

3. Does your site link to your social media accounts?

If the answer is no here, the good news is that it's easy to rectify. However, it could be symptomatic that you've been guilty of neglecting your website for too long and it needs an overhaul. Social media is not an especially new concept – not in internet terms anyway – but you'd be surprised by just how many travel websites are without social media icons that take visitors to their social accounts. When you consider that today's customers tend to use social media as the barometer for whether to trust a business, you could say they are shooting themselves in the foot.

4. How old is your website?

It's good practice to redesign your site about every 2-3 years, alongside carrying out periodic updates to keep current between redesigns. That said, there have been great shifts in the way customers behave online in the last year alone – the move to mobile, for instance, being one. So, even if you carried out a redesign only 18 months ago, your website might be doing your business a disservice.

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