Social media and SEO: a match made in heaven

A firm's presence and following on social media has a great impact on how consumers view that brand. If they've worked hard to regularly post relevant and engaging content, which has yielded a healthy following, consumers will likely hold them in higher regard.

Search engines are well aware of this. That means a strong social presence can boost your search rankings.

Any brand wants to rank as high as they possibly can (within means, of course) and social media gives them a platform to achieve that – as long as they operate their social media accounts with SEO in mind.

So, let's take a look at three things that you should doing on social media to improve your search rankings:

Google now places a greater focus on higher-quality links, as opposed to giving credence to fake or low-quality links. The good news for those who take social media seriously is that links on the platform are often considered high-quality links, due to the nature of social sites having a high web authority. That's why, as the Social Media Examiner points out, if you were to search for your business on Google, your social profiles would likely be high up the rankings.

How to build high-quality links: include a working link to your website in both your content and the social profile itself.

2. Increase your followers

As we touched on at the start of the piece, brands who manage to acquire lots of high-quality followers rank better in searches. Again, this comes down to Google making the assumption that if you are regularly engaging or interacting with genuine accounts on your social channels, then you must be a business that knows what it's talking about.

How to grow your follower base: take an active role with engagement – share interesting content, search out mentions, encourage followers to share.

3. Make your content searchable

In an ideal world, it isn't just your followers that are finding your content, but other users who are using Google to try and find answers to their questions. That means signing up to platforms that maximise your content's search-ability, so when certain keywords are entered that match up with your posts, up pops your content.

How to make your content searchable: use keywords in your posts, just as you would on your website. Also, make sure your privacy settings are configured so that external search engine can link to your timeline.

Social media today holds considerable clout when it comes to search rankings. Why wouldn't it, of course? Web users are spending half of their time on social networks, so the only logical thing for Google to do is to make sure it has a great say in all matters search.

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