Do you want to really impress your customers? Of course you do. Make them feel like you're talking directly to them. Not someone like them – actually them.

Personalisation in marketing is not as straightforward as we'd like, unfortunately. That might explain why more than a third of companies do not implement any form of personalisation in their marketing activities, as per Econsultancy's report from last year.

However, marketing to a 'segment of one', as it's known, has powerful benefits that make it worth the effort. Here are the sort of benefits you can expect from treating your customers as individuals:

1. Better conversion rate

By using user personas and targeting very specific user groups, you have a far greater chance of converting that user into a paying customer. Showing customers that you have gone the extra mile and have taken their personal preferences into account gives you an obvious advantage over those competitors who see personalisation as too much like hard work.

2. Higher retention rate

Once you have a customer's purchase history to work off, you'll be able to deliver personalised offers and content with even greater accuracy. According to another study by Econsultancy, post-purchase loyalty programmes which contained personalised offers were one of the most important factors in encouraging repeat purchases. And if Bain & Co.'s estimation that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increases profits by 25% to 95% is near the mark, it's a no-brainer to focus on techniques that provide a higher retention rate, isn't it?

3. Increased brand visibility

Customers are bombarded with content these days, whether it be via social media, e-mail or as direct mail. There's every chance your marketing messages will be lost amongst the masses, unless you can find a way to attract the reader's attention. Personalisation, if used to its full potential, gives you the opportunity to ensure some visibility, even in these testing times.

So how can you personalise your marketing?

It all boils down to making sure you are collecting and accurately recording as much information and data as is available. Every business, travel or otherwise, will get a truckload of data sent in their direction – it's all about whether they can capture the information and make sense of it.

It's impossible to capture the right sort of data without deploying the right sort of software. Ideally, that'll be a single piece of software that manages all content, data, decision and deployment channels. It'll also have been tailored for the industry in which you operate.

It's not only us that thinks this. As Experian puts it: "Only by having the right levels of technology and expertise in place will brands be able to harness the insights required in order to implement truly individual 'segment of one' personalised marketing."

While we said earlier in the piece that personalisation can prove to be somewhat tricky, the right technology can certainly take care of much of the heavy lifting. Then it's just down to you to apply the insights.