The modern day traveller is one that has evolved along with the rise of digital and technology in the travel industry, and with a TripAdvisor study last year proclaiming that 42% of travellers worldwide are using their smartphones to plan or book their trips, this evolution to all things digital shows no sign of slowing.


Our partnership with travel content gurus, ArrivalGuides, offers travel businesses the option to appeal even further to the digital travellers, turning their travel website into a source of inspiration and information for their customers with a wide range of destination guides, useful maps and engaging video and imagery.

If you are one of the aforementioned travel businesses and currently wondering why you might need expertly crafted travel content delivered fresh to your website, take a moment to consider the wildly competitive industry you currently work in. In order to stand out from the crowd, your organisation needs to offer a digital experience for your customers that's really worth writing home about. ArrivalGuides content provides exactly that.

The 2016 traveller has a hankering for engaging digital content that informs their awareness of new and exciting adventures that could be on the horizon. A study by TripBarometer, the world's largest traveller and accommodation survey, found that the 2016 traveller is keen to seek out new experiences as well as being highly likely to choose destinations based on the culture of a country. Globally, 69% of travellers plan to try something new in 2016 and nearly half (47%) chose a destination due to the culture of the place.

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This trend for authentic and cultural experiences has also been documented by market research company e3 who suggest social media could be partly responsible for this shift with images of friends and strangers engaged in a constant stream of exciting travel experiences whenever you choose to log on.

With ArrivalGuides, your website can offer detailed, professional and up-to-date content for over 500 locations across the globe - suggesting authentic experiences to your customers and building authority as the brand they can trust whenever they fancy exploring somewhere new.

As well as giving your customers what they are looking for, incorporating sparkling travel content into your website can help to:Get your brand noticed regularly by your target audience.Drive traffic to your website.Encourage engagement and visitors to spread the word about your organisation.

ArrivalGuides is the world's largest distributor of destination content with over 340 partners using their work to boost customer interaction, experience and loyalty. And by focusing on these elements, the sales are sure to follow.

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