As anyone who keeps a weather eye on the current travel trends will have noticed, cruise has made a comeback. Thanks to exciting evolutions in technology and design, cruise holidays have taken services to the next level, offering increasingly ambitious facilities such as on-board wellness suites, adventurous restaurants, and innovative new ships with increased capacity for passengers.

If you need any further convincing as to the popularity of cruise, bear in mind that research from the CLIA found that demand for cruising has increased by 68% in the last ten years and with capacity set to rise in 2016 and beyond, we can only predict that cruise is here to stay.

But it's surprising how many travel agencies adhere to the misconception that you need to be a cruise specialist in order to sell cruise. Your travel business can benefit from this lucrative addition to your portfolio, provided you invest in the right technology to offer your customers an integrated and seamless experience, demonstrating that you are the professionals for the job. Fortunately, here at Digital Trip, we offer just the solution, because we know it's time for travel companies to start selling cruise.

We have upgraded our cruise technology, ready for 2016, into a market-leading platform, guaranteed to offer your customers a smooth booking experience. Instead of mimicking other cruise platforms which direct customers away from your site, sending them to third-party suppliers, our technology keeps your customers on your site throughout the entire booking process.

With our innovative new Cruise platform, your travel organisation will be able to offer your customers the widest selection of cruise options. Whether it's the family friendly Disney Cruise Line, offering excursions from Alaska to the Bahamas, the luxurious suites and packages available on-board a Seabourn vessel, or the renowned river packages available through Viking River Cruises, our technology makes it easy for your customers to find their perfect cruise, offering an experience to suit a wide variety of tastes.

Our cruise platform also offers customers a top quality range of shore excursions from market leaders Shorefox. Your customers will be delighted they can add to their cruise holiday with ease, and your business will benefit from this huge opportunity to upsell.

Not only will your customers benefit from a wide variety of cruise options with our platform, we also offer just the sort of user experience that is likely to boost sales. Content, detailed deck plans, maps and itineraries are presented in an engaging and informative fashion alongside sophisticated filtering tools and live pricing to enable a smooth, seamless segue from browsing to booking.

Thinking of jumping aboard with this market-leading platform? Visit our Cruise page or Drop us a line for more details!