Why Tour Operators Need Inventory Management Technology

Every year brings with it a new wave of exciting new predictions about the trends to watch in the travel industry. However, the one thing we can rely on in this ever-evolving landscape is that technology continues to play an increasingly larger role, not only for the customer, but for the tour operators hoping to adapt with the times and embrace this increasingly multi-channel environment in order to stay competitive.

In a world where the DIY traveller can research, manage and book their trips all from the comfort of their armchair or during the daily commute, tour operators need to ensure they can offer a seamless experience using customer data and high-spec technology so that they can serve customers on their terms. Utilising inventory management technology provides a solid foundation for your business to provide that kind of service.

Inventory management solutions offer tour operators the ability to simplify the complex process of building itineraries, streamlining the process of putting together their own packages for clients as well as making life easier when it comes to reselling products and services from third party agencies. A high quality inventory management suite brings all those time-consuming offline antics together into one online network - making your services sharper and making your life one heck of a lot easier.


Fortunately, we fancy ourselves as experts in this area. Our advanced Inventory Management Suite offers a wide range of features to bring tour operators into the 21st century. Not only will you find it easier to manage your stock - including flights, accommodation, tours and events - but you will also have the ability to create, manage, price and package your products in a more streamlined fashion, designed to suit the nature of your particular business.

With our inventory tools you can expect benefits such as being able to load your entire accommodation portfolio quickly and easily whilst checking full stock and live availability from your site. You will be able to take the reins when it comes to flight booking, loading your own allocation of flight seats with live checking of seat availability. When it comes to transport, you can take advantage of features which permit you to easily control pricing and manage ticket allocation as well as design a complete route of pickup points, regardless of whether you are purchasing seats on a minibus, coach or charter vehicle.

Inventory management technology can take your travel business to the next level, allowing you to create package holidays or arrange events for clients with complete ease and control - all at the click of a mouse.

As an article recently published in the Guardian states, the next few years will see a demand for increasingly personalised and customised service in the travel industry. Inventory management technology provides tour operators with the ability to meet these needs.

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