How to Increase Conversions on Your Travel Website

If there were any doubts that the digital revolution continues to have its wicked way with the travel industry, the latest research from brand protection firm, MarkMonitor, should put these to rest. The figures reveal that 68% of consumers globally now exclusively book their travel online.

So, even if your travel business still makes a significant profit from walk-ins or telephone calls, it's crucial to prioritise your travel website in order to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the competition. Here are some of our top tips for increasing those conversions and turning those travel browsers into travel bookers:

1. Be responsive

Figures released by eMarketer at the end of last year predicted that in 2016, more than half (51.8%) of travellers who choose to book trips digitally will do so with a mobile device. Considering the fact this estimate is up 43.5% from the previous year, it is clear that travellers are growing increasingly confident when it comes to booking on their smaller-screened devices. As a result, it is imperative your travel website is responsive across the board with fast loading times and optimised content to ensure the user has a pleasant and enticing experience right from the get-go.

2. Add the personal touch

Personalisation is the next big thing in travel. Appeal to your prospects with relevant content and offers to personalise their browsing experience according to their searches. Ensure that if they are searching Paris fights and then abandon the website, offers arrive in their inbox. And if they have submitted information to you before, make sure that it auto-fills on their next visit, making the journey to conversion as seamless as possible.

3. Keep forms clean and simple

In order to personalise, a travel website needs to collect data. However, it's important to strike the balance between collecting what you need and putting prospective customers off with too many questions. Play it safe by keeping forms as quick and simple as possible.

4. Utilise video

According to Cisco, by 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. And if the future of marketing is heading towards video, surely it makes sense to get in on the action to appeal to customers browsing your website. Whether it's virtual tours, informational videos or video testimonials, utilising this medium can help engage customers and humanise your brand, building the trust that's needed to clinch those deals.

5. Embrace technology

Empower your customers, staff and business with award-winning technology like the solutions we provide here at Digital Trip. Power your travel website with a lightning-fast booking engine, guarantee a safe and seamless payment procedure, connect to the travel market with the widest choice of bookable suppliers and offer your customers dynamic packaging to customise their ideal trip. How? Contact us at Digital Trip to find out how we can help and get ready to clock up those conversions.