10 Key Insights From the Summer 2016 Getaway Report

Here's some news that should make travel firms rev-up their marketing efforts: 13 million people in the UK have yet to book their summer holiday, instead opting to find a last-minute deal.

The figures from World Travel Market London suggest the 'lates' market will be more competitive than ever this year. Are you prepared for the last-minute influx?

Here are some keys takeaways from the research to help shape your marketing:

1. Scots are the most deal-hungry holidaymakers

It depends which way you look at it. Scottish people are either the most undecided or the most deal-hungry when it comes to booking a holiday, with 27% of Scots who intend to go on holiday yet to decide where to go.

2. The 45 to 54-year-olds are spoilt for choice

The over 45s are finding it harder to make up their mind than younger generations: nearly a quarter (23%) of 45 to 54-year-olds and 25% of over 55s say they will be taking a holiday this year – they just don't know where yet.

3. Brits often need a little persuading to take a holiday

Just 47% of Brits have already booked this year's summer holiday. Perhaps they just need a little persuading that they deserve a summer holiday? Or, they have complete faith in the British weather being hot...

4. Multiple holidays? Why not

Of those that have booked already, 33% have booked one main holiday, 12% have booked two, 4% have booked three and 1% have booked four.

5. If in doubt, they'll head to Spain

Spain is still the number one choice for a holiday abroad, with 17% of those already booked up heading to the Spanish mainland or islands of the Balearics and or Canaries.

6. There has to be plenty of sun

Other popular destinations include: France (10%), Florida, Greece & Portugal (all 4.5%), followed by the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and California (all 2%). All of which get their fair share of sun.

7. Exam success = multiple holidays

The younger generation (16 to 24 year olds) are the most 'holiday hungry', with 17% taking two (compared to 12% national average), 7.5% taking three (compared to 4% national average) and 3.5% taking four (1% national average).

8. The 35 to 44-year-olds need the most persuading

The 35 to 44-year-old age group are the most careful with their money – 37.5% of them said they won't be taking a summer holiday this year.

9. Staycations remain popular

Nearly (45%) half of the people taking a holiday this year are doing so in the UK. Why not, eh? They're easy to plan and they can be wonderfully inexpensive.

10. Potential for disappointment

With such a large number of people still poised to book their summer holiday, procrastinators face being left disappointment as the most popular resorts get snapped up.

The research suggests that, if you get your marketing right, your website could be flooded with visitors looking for last-minute deals in the next month or so. Is your site and booking engine up to the task of dealing with the increased requests?