When you think of the travel industry, words like "fresh", "fun" and "exciting" come to mind. This was summed up nicely in last year's Hotselworld TV advert, which showed young people frolicking naked in an underground lake in Mexico.

Sure, the advert was ultimately banned on the grounds that it encouraged tombstoning, but by then Hostelworld had already captured the minds of its target audience – twentysomethings – and at the time of writing, the company had over 770,000 likes on Facebook.

What the advert taught us – aside from being careful not to inadvertently offend – is to make the most of the travel industry's innate freshness, and this extends to ensuring your website does not become out of date.

ebook travel website

Out of date, out of mind

An out of date website is completely at odds with the characteristics of travel. It won't inspire travellers to book a trip; it'll make them travel across to your competitor's website and book through them instead.

The trouble is, with the pace that things change, it can be difficult to ensure your website remains fresh and inspiring – or it certainly used to be.

Now there are products available to travel brands so you can easily add new features to your website and keep up with changing demands of the market.

Introducing eVolve

Take our content management system (CMS), eVolve, for example – an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to take charge of your website. That means you won't have to pay for a web designer every time you want to give your site a refresh.

While a web designer will still have a role to play when it comes to completely redesigning your site, a CMS is key to ensuring it feels fresh and new during the five years between each redesign.

No website designer can future-proof a site for five years – it's just not possible. That's where a tailor-made CMS comes in – giving you the freedom to change your colours, images, and logo at no extra cost.

More than an editing tool

As well as giving you the ability to tune-up your website when the travel market tells you to, eVolve boasts a good deal of other features that make it a must-have tool:

• In-built lightning-fast booking engine. Travellers want to book their trip without any complications. That's why a super-fast booking engine is crucial, allowing you to provide a fast and simple booking experience for your customers.

• Reporting tools. Customer data can tell us so much about travellers' behaviours – a CMS turns that data into insights.

• Social integration. We don't need to tell you again how much time travellers spend on social media – eVolve allows you to easily integrate your social channels into your site.

To see the other exciting features of eVolve, please head over to our product page, or contact us directly and we'll give you the lowdown in person.

ebook travel website