The importance of a good CMS for your travel website

From mobile optimisation to ensuring your loading times are lightning fast - the list of features required to create the perfect travel website can seem ever-lasting at times. So, do you really need to add a content management system (CMS) to the list? It might seem like yet another consideration to perfect your digital offering, but a good CMS can be worth its weight in gold to a travel business. Let us explain why...

A content management system does exactly what it says on the tin - it helps you to manage the creation and modification of your website content with features that allow you to edit and save drafts, auto publish, customise your content the way you want it, and collaborate efficiently with your team. This helps you keep control of your content as well as improving efficiency and saving you money - you won't need specialists in coding or visual design in order to update your site.

In fact, a good CMS should free up more of your team's time in general as it will offer powerful tools to help streamline the operational side of your business, allowing you to focus on the more important things in life - your customers.

All this is very useful, no doubt. But there is even more to investing in the right CMS than initially meets the eye. Choosing the right one for your travel business can offer a wide range of additional benefits, not only to your team, but to your customers too.

For starters, a good CMS can be invaluable when it comes to boosting your online branding. You can change the colours, images and logo to your website whenever it needs refreshing so you can keep your site looking stylish and up-to-date. You can also keep your travel brand relevant with multi-channel campaign management, such as working with email marketing and RSS as well as adding social links to integrate your channels to your site.

A CMS also helps to improve your search engine ranking. As well as inviting user contribution and encouraging engagement in the form of comments and likes, you can also get help with fine-tuning your content to ensure it is optimised by the search engines.

Speaking of searches, a good CMS will crack some smiles from your visitors thanks to the fast and powerful searching it can offer. Providing an easy-to-navigate site where customers can personalise their searches and find information with ease is half the battle when it comes to retaining browsers in the hope they will make that all important booking. You can also expect to offer improved customer care as a good CMS will allow your business to easily support forums, help sections and those all-important FAQs.

Your CMS should also provide the support you need to effectively cross-sell by learning user behaviours and offering detailed reports and analytics to help inform your efforts - excellent news for your bottom line - and will support your expansion in the future with the easy addition of plug-ins or modules to extend functionality.

If you are considering switching up your CMS, you might want to take a look at our award-winning system eVolve. Compared to other leading CMS systems, we pride ourselves on the fact that eVolve is easy-to-use and streamlines your workflow no end. Contact us for further details.