Incorporating technology can be a double-edged sword for travel brands: it's crucial to making progress and satisfying customers' expectations, but it can end up hampering productivity if the software proves heavy going.

If your employees can't get to grips with your chosen technology solution, it will ultimately prove to be a poor investment, with staff doing everything they can to get out of having to use it. You'll end up just scratching the surface of what the technology is capable of – a frustrating experience for all concerned.

Travel technology needs be more than just a good-looking interface – it needs to have usability firmly in mind too, otherwise it won't be able to meet all the promises it made at the start.

We believe that's industry-specific technology is the key to finding a solution that is both customer and employee friendly – software that has been made with your travel business in mind.

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That's what we specialise in here at Digital Trip, of course, offering technology that has been built to adapt to the changing demands of the travel industry.

Here's what else to expect from our travel technology:

1. Easy content management

We get it – you want to be able to change the content, design and functionality of your website without having to go to a techie to make it happen. Our content management system allows for exactly that, meaning users can tinker with what your website looks like when they see fit. This allows you to give the impression that you are a travel business with its finger on the pulse – as reflected in the up-to-the-minute content.

2. A future-proof website

With the ability to change your website without any effort or expertise, you won't need to be contacting a designer any time soon. Our technology platform keeps pace with the changing demands of the travel market so you'll never have a website that's out of date.

3. Cross-device integration

Our travel technology has been fully optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile. Any technology that hasn't got portable devices at its heart is risking you bookings, quite frankly, with a report from Google at the end of last year revealing that mobile's share of travel visits had grown by 48% on the previous year.

4. Ongoing support

To help you get the most out of our technology we will provide you with face-to-face training, user guides and easy-to-follow video tutorials. We're not happy until you're comfortable that you can make use of every feature and your website is looking the very best it can do.

Technology is vital to moving ahead of your competition – but the wrong solution can send you backwards. To hear more about our travel technology solutions – which we promise will get you moving in the right direction – please don't hesitate to get in touch.