Las Vegas is the most popular destination among holiday makers, according to Expedia.

The travel giant, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, revealed that whether it's a search for flights, hotel, car rentals or a money-saving package, travellers the world over are drawn to Sin City.

Expedia travel analysts took the opportunity to look back at some of the booking milestones over the company's 20-year history, which threw up some fascinating facts (even if they are somewhat US-centric):

• Over the last ten years, the Top 10 list of hotels sold includes Las Vegas (1) Orlando (2), New York (3), Los Angeles (4), San Diego (5), San Francisco (6), Miami (7), Chicago (8), Cancun (9) and Orange County (10).

• Mexico is the top international destination for American travellers. Specifically, Cancun.

• Over the past 20 years, more people have flown out of New York City than from any other American city, based on flight bookings on

• Over the past 20 years, the most popular domestic flight route is between LAX and JFK.

• Travellers using Expedia have booked travel to more than 2,100 cities in more than 220 countries, territories or colonies.

The research also revealed some wow-worthy facts – be sure to use these to add a bit of colour to your traveller-facing content:

• Over the last decade, travellers who booked through Expedia have flown 534 billion miles – the equivalent of 72 round trip flights from the sun to Pluto.

• The largest group of travellers booked on a single itinerary on Expedia was exactly 100 people. This happened three separate times in 2009.

• The most complex trip booked with a single itinerary was a 14-stage trip spanning 80 days, departing from Budapest and ending in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

• Expedia has sold enough hotel room nights in the last 20 years to account for every person living in the US.

The stats make it obvious why so many travel brands are keen to integrate Expedia's services into their website (something we offer through our technology) – it's the go-to for so many travellers, with Expedia having shown a willingness to change, in-line with consumers' habits.

As Aman Bhutani, President, Brand Expedia Group, puts it: "Today, travellers can dream, plan and book vacations when and how they want: by computer, via mobile devices, even with a good old fashioned phone call. Expedia is with them at every stage of the travel process."

Expedia shows the power of giving travellers what they want, and staying one step ahead of the curve in this respect.

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