The digital revolution has transformed the landscape of the travel industry, and it's only those that are forward-thinking and roll with the times who will prosper in this competitive age. Fortunately, there are plenty of exciting technological innovations in constant evolution, offering travel businesses ever more opportunities for inspiring and increasing their customer base as well as driving conversions.

The bottom line to success in the travel industry is understanding your customers and the way their needs have changed. The e3 'Digital Travel Trends in 2015 and Beyond' report highlighted the rise of the DIY traveller – those who plan, manage and book their trips online with little to no input from another human being. The power of the Internet and the immediacy of mobile technology have empowered these customers to take their travel plans into their own hands with a huge range of products, flights and hotels to choose from – all at the touch of a screen.

Long gone are the days when the consumer journey was strictly linear, restricted by a limited selection of products and a lack of accessibility to them. Now, the Internet is the primary method of research for travel and all it takes from your customers is the smallest glimmer of an idea to spark off the trip of a lifetime. Research from Deloitte revealed last year that an overwhelming nine out of ten holidaymakers carried out research before booking their holiday and two-thirds researched destinations online. The research additionally discovered a new phase in the path to purchase – the 'imagine' phase where travellers spend time finding inspiration to create ideas.

Taking these facts into consideration, why not feed your customers the inspiration and information they desire by making ArrivalGuides part of your travel website offering? ArrivalGuides is the world's largest distributor of destination content with an extensive library of travel information designed to help improve customer interaction, boost loyalty and encourage transactions with your brand.

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ArrivalGuides also neatly play into the current consumer craving for authentic experiences. The e3 reports additionally document the shift from 'tourist' to 'traveller' with holidaymakers looking for increasingly unique events and experiences to include on their trips. Much of the information incorporated into ArrivalGuides is managed by official tourist boards so the guides stay as authentic, up-to-date and locally sourced as possible. ArrivalGuides also offer useful maps as well as engaging videos and imagery – and we all know a picture can speak a thousand words when it comes to selling a beautiful destination to travellers.

Working with ArrivalGuides and their high quality destination content can help increase brand awareness, driving your travel business across multiple platforms and digital communications as you reach out to the millions of potential customers searching for inspiring travel ideas. When utilised in the right way, ArrivalGuides can become another key part of your toolkit for increasing customer interaction, loyalty and ultimately, conversions.

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