Success in the travel industry often rests on how well a company embraces a new era. Of course, to do this effectively, you need to stay on top of the times, as every now and again, a change occurs in the sector which can impact brands and their offerings in exciting, new and challenging ways.

The change of which we speak is the digitalisation and mobilisation of the business world – a fundamental shift which is transforming the working habits of employees all over the world. A recent article published by TNooz described the modern worker as one who needs to be able to "manage matters, regardless of location".


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The rise of this type of worker heralds the onset of the demographic heralded as Generation Z – the next step on from Millennials. When discussing this emerging demographic, the New York Times stated that though Millennials might be undeniably digital, Generation Z is the first generation to be "raised in the era of smartphones". This is the generation that do not remember a time before social media.

So, what does the rise of this heavily mobile and digital workforce mean for travel brands? According to research conducted by business travel management organisation Concur, businesses will need to make dramatic changes in the way they operate to meet the demands of this new generation of business traveller and they "can't afford to be held back by outdated thinking or technology".


Above all, travel brands must ensure they can provide this generation with a consistent and relevant digital experience across a multitude of devices – allowing customers to switch from their tablets to smartphones to laptops with ease. Investing in multi-device strategies provides that seamless experience that the digital traveller increasingly craves, offering the opportunity to research, book, check-in, review and manage all aspects of their travelling plans through whichever device they so choose.

Travel businesses must also mind the fact that this on-the-go economy is based around immediacy, with business travellers staying connected even whilst on the move with instant messaging as opposed to emails or phone calls. This demand is set to transform the way the travel industry conducts its customer service with real-time travel updates, 24-hour customer care and live mobile chat the order of the day.

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