British holidaymakers are returning home from a trip abroad with a list of regrets. Nothing too serious, just a feeling that they could (and should) have done things differently.

From a content marketing point of view, the list of top 50 holiday regrets, compiled by SPANA, should prove very handy indeed.

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Take number one on the list, for example: Letting others dictate how you spent your holiday, rather than doing what you wanted. There are a number of different ways you could go about creating content that seeks to stop Brits from being easily led while on holiday....

How about a blog which shows travellers how to make a travel itinerary? Having a pre-prepared itinerary wouldn't give others a chance of dictate how time is spent on holiday – it's already there in black and white.

Or maybe a piece on how to convince someone to change their minds? Cornell University recently carried out some research into this, funnily enough, finding that successful arguments use the phrases "for example," "for instance," and "e.g." more often.

These are just suggestions, of course, but they highlight the usefulness of studies when it comes marketing your travel business.

With that, here are the top 10 holiday regrets from SPANA's survey of 2,000 UK adults:

  1. Letting others dictate how you spent your holiday, rather than doing what you wanted

  2. Choosing a destination that was too 'touristy'

  3. Choosing a destination where there was literally nothing to do

  4. Falling out with the people you went on holiday with

  5. Deciding not to purchase a souvenir and then wishing you had

  6. Choosing a destination that was too 'British'

  7. Forgetting to wear sun cream / sunbathing all day and getting badly burnt

  8. Drinking local alcohol to excess

  9. Drinking too much on a night out and behaving badly

  10. Getting food poisoning

Commenting on the findings, Jeremy Hulme, chief executive of SPANA, said: "It's no secret that Brits love their summer holidays abroad, but it seems that all too often holidaymakers return home wishing they'd done things differently.

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"Whether it's engaging in embarrassing behaviour after letting their hair down, or not being adventurous enough in experiencing local food and culture, it's clear that British tourists have a long list of holiday regrets."

Maybe it's time to push those secret, non-touristy locations for summer 2017?

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