When it comes to getting the very best out of your travel business, it's key to stay up-to-date with what it is your customers want. After all, they are the ones who can make or break the success of your organisation.

Whether it's the type of holiday they are looking for or the sort of customer service and website experience they expect, making sure you have the knowledge to meet their needs will keep you at the forefront of this notoriously competitive industry and help you to target your offers and marketing efforts ever more effectively.

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With this in mind, our eye was caught by recent research from teflsearch which detailed the current most searched for destinations in the world, courtesy of an in-depth analysis of Google's data. As more travellers than ever turn to the Internet for holiday inspiration, thanks to the popularity of social media and the rise of the mobile device, data fresh from the search engine giant presents a clear indicator of the destinations currently trending amongst the travelling community.

The research revealed that beautiful Croatia, with its variety of attractions to charm a range of holidaymakers, took the title of world's most searched for destination in 2016. This European jewel offers numerous city breaks along with spectacular natural scenery in the way of breathtaking national parks, picturesque coastline and sun-soaked beaches.


Croatia is also renowned for its assortment of activity holidays, from mountain adventures to sailing trips. Island-hopping is a particularly popular past-time in Croatia, thanks to the vibrant islands of the Adriatic as well as the enchanting turquoise colours of the crystalline sea.

The research found that Croatia received 2.71% of holiday-related searches around the globe. Other popular European destinations included Greece with 2.54% of the searches and Spain at 1.99%. Further afield from the continent, Thailand flew the flag for the long-haul destinations with 2.47% of the searches - the same as Turkey.

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However, when specifically looking at searches conducted from Britain, it appears that people are looking to stay close to home for their holidays. Staycation destinations counted for 5.6% of the searches made by Brits whilst Thailand, Turkey, Australia and Mexico followed behind in close succession.

And what of the Croatians themselves who already live in the world's most intriguing holiday destination? Sun-kissed destinations such as the Maldives and Thailand topped the searches in this part of the world, though Malta, Cuba and Greece also proved popular.

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