Much has changed in the world of payment technology over the years, in no small part thanks to the rise of the mobile generation for which convenience is key when making a purchase online. Just take the meteoric rise of Uber, the transportation network company that allows customers to order and pay for their taxi ride all through a simple swipe on their mobile device. Struggling with cash and cards may not quite be a thing of the past yet... But the payment experience is certainly transforming the customer experience within the travel industry.

Travel brands need to stay on top of how their customers are paying for goods and services. Business travel providers are now noting a shift from the traditional corporate card or lodged card towards the more popular virtual card option, due to the decreased risk of fraud and misuse, as well as the greater convenience it offers.

Peer-to-peer platforms, such as Bitcoin with its ability to settle international transactions whilst bypassing exchange rates and bank charges, are on the rise with experts predicting that thousands of online agencies will soon be offering this as a method of payment for customers.

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Additionally, the digital wallet, though once shrouded in skepticism, has proved its worth with a report from Skift revealing Apple Pay has clocked up more than two million points of sale locations in the United States alone as well as counting Australia, the UK, China and Canada as additions to the expanding list of destinations where Apple Pay is live.

Big name brands such as Expedia, AirBnB and Uber now accept Apple Pay and, whilst the Skift report assures that traditional debit and credit card transactions are dominating payments in the industry at present, the landscape is changing fast. Coupled with the increasing popularity of mobile, travellers are constantly moving towards payment platforms that are fast, easy and offer the ability to pay wherever and whenever they desire. This will afford travel brands opportunities to engage with customers who are not only in the sales funnel but also once they are in their destination.

The Skift report predicts that in the mid- to long-term most travel suppliers will accept Apple Pay Bitcoin or similar, but for the meantime, the focus for travel brands needs to be to ensure the booking and payment experience they offer is as seamless as possible.

Ultimately, these new technologies that are set to seduce the traveller away from traditional payment platforms are based around transforming the customer experience into one that is ever-more efficient and seamless.

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