More than eight out of 10 airline passengers are happy to offer personal information to airlines and airports if they believe it will provide a better and more personalised experience, according to the recent results of the annual Global Passenger Survey conducted by IATA.


The study highlights a fact we have reported on several times over the past few months – the demand for personalisation is gaining momentum in the travel industry, and those businesses set for success will be the ones that utilise data effectively to meet their customers' rising demands.

What do consumers want?

The rise of the smartphone, mobile internet access and social media influence has given the travel industry a good shake up over the past decade by placing the power very much in the hands of the consumer. At the touch of a button on any device of their choosing, travellers are able to take their pick from a limitless range of services and products laid on by travel providers. Consequently, as consumers grow more informed, their expectations in terms of quality of service and experience have continued to rise.

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The Global Passenger Survey found that travellers are buying into the data sharing culture more than ever, particularly if sharing their details meant a smoother experience. A significant 85% stated they would like their details used so they could be notified of flight status changes; 60% would like to be notified of baggage status and waiting times; and 58% wanted to hear about waiting times at security/border control.

When it came to how travellers wanted to be notified, more than half (53%) wanted to be notified by SMS with just under a quarter wanting to be notified by mobile app or email (22% and 21% respectively).

How data collection can help your travel business

Analysing data can offer untold benefits for your travel business. Collecting information, not only from visitors to your website, but from online forums and social media platforms will help to track and analyse the behaviour of your customers, enabling you to better target your services to provide the experience they are chasing.

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Although Big Data analytics, on the lips of many of us in the travel industry, is still in its infancy stage, it truly has the power to transform the travel industry, reshaping the services on offer around travellers' needs and preferences.

We look forward to see these changes in action.

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