Global travel is on the up. At least, that's what The World Travel and Tourism Council have recently suggested with their forecast that global travel spending will increase by 3.1% this year.


Whether it's the fact that gas prices are decreasing or that relaxed visa regulations have brought down a few barriers in certain regions over the past few years, business is looking pretty good right now. So, it figures that ensuring your business is investing in the right technology to meet this increasing consumer demand and provide the best possible experience should be a top priority.

With the rise of global travel in this increasingly connected world, one of the top areas we see sliding into the spotlight is that of payments. Travel businesses keen to stay ahead of the curve need to put some time and thought into their payment process and ensure they have a robust solution which can handle multiple currencies with ease. Keeping the payments process as simplified as possible will not only cater to the pressed-for-time modern consumer and help to avoid shopping cart abandonment, it could also save your business from those pesky foreign currency fees and keep your operations as streamlined as possible.

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The current trend towards authentic, bespoke experiences also shows no sign of slowing. Whilst there is certainly a time and a place for the traditional tour amongst the older customer, the modern millennial crowd are increasingly demanding unique and distinctive adventures that allow them to really get a feel for a place or a region. Those millennials just love their experiences. Whether it's a street art walking tour or an eco-hike led by an indigenous guide, travel businesses can expect further demand on their creativity as they seek to deliver these one-off experiences. Payment solutions will need to be both customised and flexible in order to work for the variety of vendors and suppliers that your business might want to work with to provide these authentic experiences.

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With more consumers than ever using their trusty smartphones to gain travel inspiration, do their research and lock down those bookings, we see virtual cards taking centre stage in the future, allowing for greater ease of purchase. Not only do virtual cards offer great flexibility and enhanced security, they promote efficiency, freeing up companies to spend more time on more important things - like ensuring their customers have the time of their lives on their trips.

Digital Trip offer a wide range of alternative payment solutions for our clients, with multi lingual currency options and even a brand new flexible payment solution from partner Fly Now Pay Later, you can give your customers full peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their holiday instead. Contact us today and discover how you can add flexible payments.