As the New Year flickers into sight, travel brands up and down the country are looking ahead to the coming 12 months, keen to adjust their business strategy to meet what might be in store.


Fortunately, to save us getting our crystal balls out, a variety of experts in the industry will begin to release their predictions for us to peruse at our leisure, with having unveiled a few interesting forecasts. Based on the wide range of data the booking platform has amassed from its users as well as a wealth of e-commerce travel technology knowledge, here are a few of the top trends of 2017 travel businesses ought to watch out for:

Instant gratification

Travellers are looking for faster and more convenient ways to take care of tasks with nearly half (44%) expecting to be able to plan their trip in a few simple swipes on their smartphone. This trend suggests technology will step up to address travellers' needs in-the-moment; from jumping to the front of a queue at a key attraction to finding the nearest ATM or advice on a pressing travel concern, apps are expected to transform into 'travel besties', capable of answering our queries and solving our problems in real-time.

Appetite for adventure

Expect a rise in demand for adventurous destinations in the coming year - 45% of respondents plan to make more adventurous travel decisions in the coming year. Travellers are looking to experience undiscovered environments in an authentic way - 56% would like to do more independent travel in 2017.

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Health and well-being

With nearly half (48%) of travellers viewing holidays as a time to make better lifestyle choices, we expect to see a rise in health and well-being trips in 2017. Experiences that promote balance of the mind, body and soul look set to be popular with 44% of respondents demonstrating an interest in spa/relaxation travel and 38% in health/well-being experiences in the coming months. India, China and Thailand were noted as particularly popular destinations for this sort of trip.

Bleisure booms

The lines between business and leisure travel are set to become increasingly blurred with 49% of business travellers this year agreeing they already extend their business trips to spend some leisure time in their destination.Three-quarters of respondents intend to continue to do so in the coming year as travellers view business trips as an opportunity to expand their horizons - 30% even stated they would take a lower paid job if they could travel more for work.

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Keeping an eye on the trends and ensuring your technology is up to meeting changing consumer demand is key to success in the travel industry. Contact Digital Trip today to find out how we can help.