Bathing in Iceland's ethereal Blue Lagoon has been voted by millennials as the top travel experience for 2017, according to recent research by Contiki. The youth travel company polled more than 5,000 18-35 year-olds around the globe to put together The No Regrets Travel List, a collection of the top 20 most desired travel experiences for millennials in 2017. The final result revealed a diverse and unique bucket list, designed to create lasting memories of a destination – one which every travel business hoping to catch the eye of this lucrative market ought to read.


After the Blue Lagoon, the top five experiences on the The No Regrets Travel List are: seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza; walking the Great Wall of China; chilling out on the beach in Australia's Byron Bay; learning how to make pizza in Italy; road-tripping Route 66; and a gondola ride in Venice.

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The rest of the bucket list included memorable moments such as a kiss at the Eiffel Tower; watching sea turtles lay their eggs in Costa Rica; picnicking in the French countryside; riding a bike in Amsterdam; taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon; partying in Las Vegas; exploring Yosemite National Park; snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef; zip-lining in Costa Rica; tasting gelato in Rome; and cuddling a koala in Queensland.

Contiki also questioned respondents on the motivating factors behind their travel plans, discovering that 'social experiences' took 74% of the votes, with 'learning about new cultures' not far behind at 56%. If you take a second look at the list, perhaps you can see that these motivational factors tie into the different experiences.

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We all know the value the millennial demographic has to the travel industry, so it's always useful to gain insight into the specific trends they are following and experiences they are looking for. With research from Topdeck Travel revealing that a significant 72% of millennials would rather spend their cash on authentic experiences rather than material items, and Contiki showing that 96% of millennials felt that experiences were the most important things in life, it's of great benefit to travel businesses to ensure they know what sort of experiences their target market is looking for.

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