Whether it's New York, Tokyo, the Seychelles or Barbados your customers are hoping to jet off to, some may find the most complex journey they'll make is the one they take before booking.


Holidays, with their big ticket prices, have become one of the most considered and emotional purchases made in the digital sphere with consumers doing so much more than simply heading to the local high street travel agent to place their travel needs in a professional's capable hands. Now, those planning a trip will visit an average of 38 different travel websites in a 45-day period, according to a report by Travolution, in order to gather as much information as possible to inform their final purchase.

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In response, the travel industry has become more competitive than ever with brands utilising every resource they can lay their hands on to attract customers, including high spec travel technology. However, as the January sales period looms, perhaps brands should refocus their efforts away from the frantic acquisition of new customers and instead put their technology to use enhancing the emotional side of the customer's journey and forging those meaningful experiences that are hard to forget. Here are a few ways your business can do this:

Customer behaviour comes first

Take a step back from demographic-based data such as age and gender and instead explore the way your customers behave. A wealth of data is supplied by prospective travellers searching your site and innovative machine-learning technologies, used effectively, can help identify patterns in this flow of information that are more important than sheer demographics.

Stay relevant

Don't alienate visitors to your site by continuously feeding irrelevant recommendations and content. Ensure that your website can adapt to individual requirements and tailor offers accordingly. For example, if you have a customer searching for family holiday deals, ensure that content relating to family-friendly resorts or activities are programmed to come to the fore. Uncover at which point in the journey certain customers are purchasing ancillaries and offers and ensure you cater to demand.

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Be aware of the customer journey

As we mentioned before, the customer journey to making a travel purchase is pretty convoluted. But don't let that put you off trying to understand it. This knowledge will help you to target different points in the process that travellers might be susceptible to certain content. Those that are visiting your site for the first time and are clearly in the initial research stage of their travel planning might be interested in inspirational travel content about their region of interest or specific offers which match their search criteria. Alternatively, a time limited sale might be just the motivational tool to secure a booking for a customer who has made several visits and is teetering on the verge of a purchase.

The solution

Our technology can help your brand enhance your customer experience for the New Year. With advanced reporting tools combined with a lightning fast booking engine and optimisation for every screen, including mobile, you can gain key insights and offer your customers the best possible booking experience.

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